Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strategies for Elementary School Success: Three Ways Parents Can Help


Nothing undermines academic achievement more than disorganization.

Write out a schedule that lists:

- When homework needs to be completed,
- What time backpacks need to be packed,
- When your child needs to select next days’ clothes – no rushing in the
- What time bed-time is – children need a good night’s sleep, to do well in


During the school year be involved in your child’s academic, musical and athletic growth. You’ll begin tosee your child begin to develop good self-esteem.
With your child:
- Go through school papers your child completed each day,
- Listen to your child tell about their school day,
- Sit with them and listen while your child practices their musical
- Attend sports events.


Whether you’re volunteering in the classroom, or on the sport’s field, get involved in your child’s life. When parents send the message learning and school is important, children strive to succeed.

Take the time to:

- Attend school open houses and meet your child’s teachers,
- Attend quarterly parent-teacher conferences,
- Keep track of your child’s grades, praise and reward them for good work,
- Join the Parent-Teacher Organization, make an effort to volunteer.

Naturally, most of the strategies above apply to both middle school and high school age children. Remember parental participation and consistency is a perfect combination, to ensure school success.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood.

Fall Road Fall is creeping into my backyard. Every corner of the yard reveals its arrival. Once glorious cone flowers are now fading into black skeletons. Early morning migrating finches, snack on the cone flowers dormant blooms, now full seeds. Monarch butterflies flutter through on their journey to the mountains of Mexico. While chrysanthemums begin to wake up and show their sunny orange and yellow faces. Soon my yard will be filled with colorful fall leaves. All I need to do is find my rake!