Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Geography Bee

This time of year many school districts are getting ready for spelling bees. Students fortunate enough to qualify at the state level may go onto the national Spelling Bee held in Washington D.C..


The first Spelling Bee was held in Louisville, Kentucky in 1925. Organizers wanted to encourgage and reward good spellers and spelling habits. The term "spelling Bee" originated from the word word "bee" which describes a gathering of people around a mutual activity such as: sewing quilting, barn rasing or spelling.

Today, many teachers are putting a twist on the old "Bees" and developing - "Geography Bees".

Here's ten questions about U.S. geography you can add your next Geography Bee:

1. What state has the only diamond mine in the United States?

2. Where is the center of the contiguous United States?

3. What is the highest point in the United States?

4. What is the largest lake in the United states?

5. What U. S river is the shortest in the world?

6. What state has the longest coast line?

7. Which state borders only one other state?

8. What U. S. city is name for a game show?

9. What U. S,. city is know as the Earthquke City?

10. Where is the sunbelt?

Read my blog next week and I'll have the answers to these questions.

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