Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Herb Garden for Mother

Using inexpensive materials your students can make an herb garden for Mother's Day.


What You'll Need:

8 " terra-cotta flower pots
Assortment of herbs seeds such as: parsley, sage rosemary and ... whatever is available in your area.
pop sicle sticks
gold craft paint
black, fine line permanent markers
assorted colors of ribbon (enough for a 15" piece for each planter)

1. Have students paint pots with gold paint, let dry.
2. With permanent markers, have students print Mother's Day, the day and year on the side of the pot.
3. After students fill their pots with soil give them three seeds, of their choice, to plant (about a 1/2-inch deep).
4. Write the names of the herbs on the board. Pass out popsicle sticks. Have students make a plant marker for their gardens.
5. Cut a 15" length of ribbon. Help students secure it around the top edge, with a bow.
6. Place pots in a sunny spot, water and wait for the seeds to sprout.

If students begin these herb gardens soon, they should have a nice gift by Mother's Day.

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