Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Math Time

Elementary Teacher's - Here's a challenging word problem for your students
Doughnut Sale


Mr. Cook owns a bakery. One morning he put out several trays of doughnuts.

In came Mrs. Sweet, she was his first customer. She thought the doughnuts looked yummy, so she bought half of them.

Next, in came Mr. Salt. He looked at the doughnuts that were left, and decided to buy half of them.

Next, Miss Cream stopped by the bakery. She bought half of the doughnuts she saw.

Finally, Mrs. Baker ran into the bakery. She only bought six doughnuts. She wanted to buy more, but that's all that was left.

How many doughnuts did Mrs. Sweet buy?

How many doughnuts did Mr. Salt buy?

How many doughnuts did Miss Cream buy?

How many doughnuts were on the trays Mrs. Cook put out for sale?


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