Monday, April 17, 2006

Reading Aloud


Jack Prelusky's book, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, is a wonderful book of poems about dragons. This cute and funny book also provides endless possibilities for teachers to extend their reading aloud lessons.

Here's a sample of one of his poems:

I Have a Dozen Dragons

"I have a dozen dragons,
I bought them at the mall,
I keep them in my closet,
It's fortunate they're small.
Their horns are red and silver,
Their scales are green and gold,
All of them are beautiful,
And all of them are bold.. ."

Jack Prelutsky, 1993 Scholastic Books Inc., New York, NY

Read my blog tomorrow and I'll give the directions to make a cute dragon. Hint! You need an empty egg carton.

On Wednesday I'll have an activity on writing poetry.

Note: Those of you who regulary read by blog probably have noticed I've changed the day I give you a reading aloud idea. That's to help you schedule the follow up activities into your lesson plans for the week.

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