Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sponge Cake Bunnies

This time of year soft, plush bunnies arrive on stores shelves for Easter baskets.


Here's a cute bunny kids can make, then eat to celebrate the Easter holiday.

What You'll Need:

1- box(12 pack)Hostess Twinkies@ (for the body)
1- 12 Oz can Pillsbury@ vanilla frosting
1- 14 Oz bag flaked coconut (for the bunnny fur)
1- 10.5 Oz bag miniature marshmallows (for the tail)
1- package pink Pez@ candy (for the nose)
1- bag red hots candy (for the eyes)
3 to 4 tablespoons of milk
1- 2 Oz bag pink Easter Grass
1- 6 Oz bag jelly beans

Place frosting in a bowl and add milk. Mix until well blended (frosting should be thin enough to spread easily on twinkies). Frost twinkies then sprinkle coconut over them. Pat coconut down to keep in place. On one end on the frosted twinkies place the marshmallow tails. On the opposite end, add the candies for the eyes and noses.
Makes 12

On a cake plate, covered with pink Easter grass, arrange bunnies. Sprinkle jelly beans around for more color.

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