Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Brief History - Sneakers

Long gone are high heels and loafers, instead many people are now wearing sneakers to work, especially teachers.


Sneakers are a necessity in the daily routines of many teachers. Moving around classrooms and throughout their schools, teachers are on their feet all day long. Sneakers are not only comfortable, but they come to our rescue and keep our feet warm on those days when we patrol the cold, hard playground.

The first sneaker was used in England about one hundred years ago. These shoes were made primaily for the upper classes, to wear when they played lawn tennis, cricket or croquet. Sneakers then were made of canvas and had rubber soles. Sneakers are also known by other names such as: tennis shoes, gym shoes, cross trainers, and running shoes. Today, sneakers or tennis shoes are the most popular shoe sold, and when people buy a pair they usually have a particular sport in mind for their use.

Pull your sneakers on (or maybe you already have them on) and take a fitness walk with your students. You'll feel more energetic and inspired to finish the day.

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