Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gifts for the Teacher, Candy Gram for the Teacher!

There are so many great teachers out there dedicated to their students. Nothing makes them happier than when a parent recognizes their efforts.


Candy Gram for the Teacher!

This a sweet poem (no pun intended) you can copy, embellish with candy, then present to that special teacher in your child's Life.

Because your smarts help our school run - Smarties@ Candy

Because your positive attitude keeps everyone in a good humor - Laffy Taffy@ Candies

Because of your commit-mint to our school -York MintPatties@

Because your school spirit makes you a great "roll" model - Toostie Rolls@

Because we think you're a shining star - Starburst@ Candies

Type this poem up on a bright colored piece of card stock. Tuck it into a pretty basket filled with these candies.

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