Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gifts For the Teacher

Still trying to decide what to give that special teacher? Here's a couple of ideas....


A Journal

Many teachers travel during the summer. A journal is the perfect gift to record memorable experiences about a special trip, write down thoughts while flying or driving across country, or just to jot down ideas for the following school year.

A Photo Album

Teachers take photos of their students throughout the year. It may be to catch a fun Halloween party or take individual portraits for a writing project. A photo album will come in handy to organize those photos.

A Scrapbook

Every school years brings new memories. Pictures and cards from students, certificates or awards from parents or school districts, can be saved in a scrapbook.

An Assortment of Coffees or Teas

A cup of tea or a hot cup of coffee is just what a teacher needs on a cold fall morning - especially after playground duty.

A Gift Certificate

You can never go wrong with gift certificates. Maybe a day at the spa, tickets to a movie or dinner at a nice restaurant - all will be appreciated.

Whatever you choose, it's really the thought that counts, when you give that special teacher a gift, at the end of the year.

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