Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Baskets In The New Millennium


The custom of celebrating the first day of May began hundreds of years ago by country dwellers. People gathered to share great feasts to bless the birth and joy of spring. Celebrations included dancing around a May Pole (most likely a grain wheel) and picking spring flowers. Over the years this tradition evolved into May Day. In the United States, the May Basket was born when neighbors presented baskets of flower to one another.

With a new millennium well underway, why not create May Day baskets with a whole new look and purpose? Instead of simply a casual assortment of spring flowers, make your May Day baskets a sophisticated collection of useful items which reflect the personal tastes and interests of the receiver.

A few suggestions for creative May Day baskets :

For the Teacher:

- Colorful pencils
- Sticky notes with illustrations or photos of apples on them
- A bag of chocolates, a teacher’s best friend
- Bottle of aspirin
- Cinnamon-apple tea bags
- Mug with apples on it
- Red apples
- Teachers stamps and stamp pad

For the Artist:

- Artist’s palette
- Sketch pad
- Assortment of brushes
- Charcoal pencils
- Bottle of turpentine and linseed oil
- Gum erasers

For the Wine Connoisseur:

- Cork screw
- Wine glasses
- Guide to buying wine
- Assortment of cheeses
- Assortment of Crackers
- Bottles of wine

Creating a May Day basket around a theme is as easy as dropping by the grocery, department or craft store. Decorate your baskets with colored tissues, ribbons and cellophanes. Mixing and matching colors and themes is the fun part.

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