Monday, July 24, 2006

Strategies to Use With Students Who Find Reading Textbooks Too Difficult


If you have students or children who find reading textbooks too difficult, then you need to adapt instruction.

Here are some tips for both parents and teachers:

Supplement The Textbook

- Audio-tape the textbook chapter

- Read the textbook chapter aloud

- Work with your child or students individually or is small groups

Simplify the Textbook

- Write an abridged version of the textbook

- Give students an outline of chapters which highlights the key points they should grasp

- Supplement the textbook with other material, i.e. videos, computer applications

Set Purposes for Reading

- Activate students' prior knowlege before reading the textbook

- Introduce key vocabulary terms before reading

- Write a study guide to help students identify key concepts and terms they will find as they're reading their textbooks

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