Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Help Your Child Learn and Love Reading

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As a reading and special education teacher, I often hear the question,

"how can I help my child learn and enjoy reading?

I reply, “get a piece of paper and list the following:”

- Be a model to your child and be a reader yourself. You can achieve this by reading the newspaper daily, subscribing to magazines and reading fiction and non-fiction books of your choice.

- Create a literature rich environment for your child, at their reading level. Fill your home with books your child can read themselves, and those you can read aloud to them. Tip! When you read aloud to your child place your finger under the words. This helps them develop sight word vocabulary. That is, when children see words and here them, they usually make a connection and remember the words.

- Turn off all the distracting media – the television and computer. Get your child used to silence, and they’ll learn to entertain themselves. Also, make an effort to sit down and read together. Enhance this experience with a healthy snack. If you choose leave music on, this often adds to the pleasure of reading.

- Take your child to libraries and bookstores. Spend time in both discovery books and the pleasure of reading. Of course, check books out and buy as many as you can afford

Make a commitment to all of these suggestions. One day, you’ll find your child curled up enjoying a good book.

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