Friday, February 18, 2011

The Benefits of Journaling


Reading and writing are intertwined in learning to read. Research shows us children who write about what they’ve read and experienced become better readers—as well as becoming good writers.

The best way to get your children to begin connecting reading and writing is to have them start maintaining a daily, writing journal. Getting started is really quite easy. Just buy your children an inexpensive journal or just use a three-ring notebook. As the days and months pass, you will notice your children are expanding their listening and written vocabularies; while also developing the mechanics of writing, such as: punctuation, grammar and spelling. Daily journaling also helps children become more comfortable and confident at reading and writing.

Today, here in the Midwest it’s a beautiful day. The squirrels and birds are enjoying the spring temperature. Think about taking your children for a fitness walk in your neighborhood park. Talk to them about what they see, hear and smell. When you return home, from the park, sit down with your children and together write about your visit.

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