Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cooking With Kids

Here's a riddle for your students

What's better than a chocolate chip cookie?


A chocolate chip chip cookie pizza!

Reward your students for their good work with this yummy treat. Best of all, they can help you make it! If you are lucky enough to have a stove at school, your students can help you prepare the dough. If not, do this step at home.

What you'll Need:

1 - 12" to 14" inch circular pizza pan
2 - 18 OZ packages of Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough@
2 - 8 OZ tubs whipped topping@
2 - 1.25OZ bottles of yellow decorator sprinkles
1 - 10 OZ jar Marachino Cherries@
1- bottle red food coloring

#1 Press cookie dough evenly onto the pizza pan. Pierce the dough around the edges, with a fork, to prevent it from shrinking, then bake according to package directions. Let cool completely

#2 Thaw whipped topping and add a few drops of red food coloring, blend well. The idea here, the whipped topping is red pizza sauce.

NOTE: Many kids are allergic to food coloring dyes. Check first before you add food coloring.

#3 Sprinkle decorator sprinkles onto the whipped topping. You can use whatever color you like, this is the cheese.

#4 Drain Marachino Cherries throughly, then arrange them on top of the pizza. These are the pepperoni pieces.

Since this is such a rich treat you'll want to cut small pizza slices. This will help you serve as many children as possible.

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