Friday, April 07, 2006

Reading Aloud, Compare and Contrast

Teachers know that reading aloud daily is a major factor in determining whether children will become lifelong readers. Entends today's reading aloud time with a compare and contrast lesson.


Two books that are fun to read then compare and contrast text elements are: The Three Little Pigs by: Patricia Seifert and The Tree Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig By: Eugene Trivizas

Here's how: Read the traditional version of The Little Pigs by Seifert. Have your students identify the main characters, their problems and how they solve them. Next, read the newfangled version by Trivizas and identify the same story elements.

Disscuss with your students how these stories are similar and how they are different. List similarities and differences on the board. If time allows you can have your students brainstorm a new version of this story.

Happy Reading!

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