Thursday, June 29, 2006


Here's a great article on how to spiff up your wardrobe by my friend Shari Cabra. Her great ideas, on how to transform pieces of clothing and accessories, would be fun to do with your kids this summer. Her article is available for free reprint at


Flip through the pages of that fashion catalogue you just received and you'll find summer blouses embroidered with beads, sequins, and rhinestones. Skim through the pages with sandals displayed and you'll discover many are adorned with chunky glass and metal bobbles. Even ladies accessories - everything from watches to sparkly bracelets, earrings, and necklaces - are decorated with shiny crystals.

This season it seems everything is embellished with beads, bobbles, rhinestones, and crystals. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the financial means to purchase an entirely new wardrobe every year to reflect the newest fashion craze. But that's okay.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing, or an accessory, you love but think is out-of-date? Rather than give away this item, or throw it out, why not revamp it with embellishments? It's fun and easy. Here's how:

A jeans jacket is timeless and can easily take on a new look with a few changes. Even if your jacket is faded, embroider a simple pattern of beads along the collar and cuffs to get new mileage out of it. If you prefer rhinestones, Swarovski Crystals offers sew-on products. These crystals are enclosed in a setting that allows a needle and thread through the back. Just sew them on as you would a button. Don't sew? Both beads and rhinestones can be attached to your garment using special glues available for these kinds of projects.

Give your old sandals a new look with metal studs or add a splash of color with rhinestones. Using gem setting devices (found at your local crafts store) you can clamp both metal studs and rhinestones through tough materials like leather. If your sandals are plastic, glue the embellishments onto them.

Nothing is easier to make over than a purse. It doesn't matter if it's fabric or leather, you can quickly modify purses made of either material. Spiff up a purse by tacking a few studs onto the handle or gluing a pattern of beads or rhinestones onto the bag itself. Or, just hang a few bobbles from the strap. Do an online search for the words "beads" or "crystals" and see numerous sites pop up that offer these items for purchase. With such a variety of trimmings available, it's simple to give a face-lift to an old, yet beloved, purse.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to revamping pieces of your wardrobe. And, with so many handy tools and fantastic embellishments available and reasonably priced, anyone can do it.

Now...just flip through the pages of that latest fashion catalogue for ideas, get your supplies, and have fun.

Shari Cabra is owner of Created by Shari, a line of custom jewelry she designs and fashions herself from vintage silverware patterns. Cabra's collection varies from ornate Victorian pieces to the more sleek and simple contemporary designs. Her line is represented by Debra Steiner of Beyond the Expected Marketing. Find out more about the Created by Shari line by visiting Beyond the Expected Marketing or call Debra Steiner at 913-963-1733 for a catalogue.

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