Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Replace Sugary Snacks With the Three C's

With so many tasty sugary foods available it’s no wonder kids reach for them instead of healthy snacks.


Here's a list of healthy alternatives:

-Calcium Boosters: Reinforce healthy eating habits by providing assorted flavors of low-fat yogurt and making smoothies from 2% milk and fruit.

-Crunchy Munchies: If your child is craving something sweet or salty have granola bars, popcorn, and whole wheat crackers on hand.

-Crammed with Vitamins: Kids love fruit for a snack. Strawberries, grapes and raisins are favorites. And, many kids will eat apples if the skins are removed. Peel them and they’ll eat more. Vegetables, like carrots and celery, make a quick, enjoyable snack, too.

These are all good alternatives for sugary foods. Remember to check product labels to be sure products that claim to be low calorie aren’t full of fructose syrups.

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